Online Casino Bonuses

Online Casino Bonuses

Up until today, online gambling and online casinos have become very popular and many people prefer them over the traditional ones. In fact, it is a safe online place where you can take part in different games, gamble and probably earn some extra money. Naturally, many different casino websites exist and they offer different terms and conditions. However, almost every website offers its players certain bonuses. Bonuses are, in fact, a form of reward and there exist several different bonuses that all offer different kind of things. Thus, this article will deal with some of the most common bonuses and their details.

Firstly, practically every online casino has sign-up bonuses to offer. These bonuses are actually for beginners, the new players, and they actually serve as a way for marketing. They are usually intended to attract a player and eventually turn them into regular guests. Nevertheless, these are not offered only on start-up but at some later stages as well. A player should then wager the minimum amount that is required, but if this amount is large enough, the gain will be just the same as if there were no bonus at all.

As for the non-cashable bonuses, there are actually to different types. In fact, there are the sticky and the phantom non-cashable bonuses and you can see both of them on your balance. Nevertheless, once you wish to log out, the phantom bonus is the one that will disappear and the sticky bonus will, as you may suppose, stick to your account until it is lost.

Further on, we come to the so-called comp points. In fact, these are more a characteristic of the traditional casinos, but they can be found in some online ones as well. Thus, a sum of money per wager is quite small and it differs among different games. For instance, three comp points can be offered to you for every ten dollars put at stake and once you collect a hundred comp points, the casino will give you a dollar for them. Nevertheless there are also some extra bonuses, tickets to some tournaments or some other events, but a payback or souvenirs can also be offered to you. Thus, these comp points can be exchanged for cash, prizes or other comps.

There is also the so-called bonus hunting. For instance, in blackjack, you have a house edge that is about 0.5% and when you wager $5,000, the loss expected is $25. Provided you got $100 dollars for the sign-up bonus, you eventually get an expected gain of $75.

In a nutshell, these are the basics of some of the bonuses that are most often offered in online casinos. While some are only there to pull you into the game, others are really helpful and profitable. Now you can also combine various types of bonuses and in this way win even more money. Certainly, you should always be watchful in order not to lose your money and the bonuses as well.

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